Turn Off Monitor to Turn Monitor Off manually / instantly or automatically

Turn Off Monitor with desktop shortcut, system tray menu, system tray icon, after idle time, and many other easy to use and control features. Turn Off Monitor software can be used on Laptop, Notebook or a Desktop Computer running Windows Operating System such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, etc and can turn monitor off, initiate computer shutdown, standby and many other useful computer control features. Download Free Trial of Turn Off Monitor Utility Now or watch Video Tutorial of the Turn Off Monitor Software to know about the features offered by this Free to download and try application utility.

Register for Full Version of Turn Off Monitor Software Utility for $8.76 Only and use it on 1 Windows Computer for upto 6 Months from the Date of Payment of Activation Fees. The Free trial version is only limited by number of uses and has all the functionalities enabled without any nagging reminders.

Turn Off Monitor

Turn Off Monitor is a Software utility which allows to turn monitor off with shortcut, keyboard, after idle time, in a scheduled way and provides many other useful features. Download Free to try Software Download and use it on Laptop running XP, Vista or any other Windows Operating System. Turning your Laptop Screen Off would be really easy with Turn Off Monitor Software Download.

Turn Off Monitor System Tray Menu

Download Free Trial of Turn Off Monitor Utility now. You can now navigate to Turn Off Monitor Website to view Screenshot, learn how to create a Desktop Shortcut to Turn your Monitor Off with confirmation and explore other features of the software.

Customize Turn Off Monitor System Tray Menu

Customize Dialog Box to Customize Turn Off Monitor System Tray Menu

Change Turn Off Monitor System Tray Application Look or Skin

Dialog Box to allow user to change skin of Turn Off Monitor System Tray Menu

Turn Off Monitor Settings

Turn Off Monitor Settings

Turn Off Monitor Create Desktop Shortcut

Create Desktop Shortcut

How to Turn off Laptop / Notebook Monitor?

Use Desktop ShortCut created by the Turn Off Monitor Installer to Turn Off Laptop Monitor or

Define a Global Shortcut Key to be Pressed on Keyboard to Turn Off Laptop Monitor or

Use System Tray Icon to Turn Off Laptop Monitor

How to Turn on Laptop Monitor?

Move Mouse or Press Some Key On Keyboard

How to Create Turn Off Laptop Monitor Shortcut?

Installer Creates Shortcut on Desktop also you can create a Desktop Shortcut to Turn Off Laptop Monitor from "Turn Off Monitor" Utility Settings.

Does "Turn Off Monitor" Utility Works On Vista?

Yes "Turn Off Monitor" Utility Works on Vista, However whether the Utility can Turn Off Monitor or not depends on Installed Display Drivers, Give a try.

How a Global Hot Key / Shortcut Key can be defined to do various operations done by Turn Off Monitor Utility?

In case you wish to perform some action (e.g. Sleep/Suspend Computer) with a Global Hot Key / Shortcut Key which can be pressed on Keyboard

Decide on some Key Combination that you wish to use,let's take the Function Key F7 for this example

Now Open Turn Off Monitor Settings Dialog Box

Now Click on Create Desktop Shortcut Button

From the List Select Suspend Computer Item

Click on OK

After creating a Desktop Shortcut, the Turn Off Monitor Utility will display a confirmation dialog box.

Now Close the Turn Off Monitor Settings Dialog Box.

Now Locate the Shortcut created on Desktop to Suspend Computer.

Now Right Click on the Shortcut and select Properties.

Now in the Properties Dialog Box, go to Shortcut tab.

Now Press F7 (or whichever shortcut key you wish to use) in the edit box in front of label Shortcut Key:

Now click on OK to save and close the dialog box.

Now whenever you press the shortcut key (in this example we took F7), the computer would be suspended / computer will go to sleep & can display a confirmation box (provided you checked the check box when creating a Desktop Shortcut).

Turn Off Monitor On a Computer Network

Turn Off Monitor can be a real energy saver for a network of computers.

Computer Monitors or Consoles do consume good amount of electricity and saving a little bit of energy on computers of a network can make huge difference.

Energy can be saved whenever computer is left idle, which can be duration of coffee break, tea break, etc.

In case computer need to be running whole night, precious energy can be saved by turning monitor off.

Depending on how many users on a network, accept and implement the idea, energy savings can be small to huge.

Turn Off Monitor also allows to schedule turning monitor off at specified and turning monitor on at specified time.

And in case you feel that another relative feature should have been there or some feature should have been implemented in a better way, you can write to us at feedback@rtsoftwares.com.

We do offer site licence of Turn Off Monitor program. Please do write to support@rtsoftwares.com for getting site licence.

Dual Monitor Software

You may also wish to checkout another Dual Monitor Software which can be really handy and useful in case you do have dual monitors connected to your windows computer. The Dual Monitor Software allows controlling of Monitors using Desktop Shortcut, System Wide Shortcut Key combinations which can be pressed on Keyboard, using right click on Desktop and with System Tray as well. Get complete control over your dual monitors including turning off dual monitors simultaneously, turning off selected monitor, putting different wallpaper on each of the Monitor(s) and much more.

Turn Off Monitor Support

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Alarm Clock, Auto Shutdown, Clock, and more

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Possible Helper/Alternative in case ScreenSaver Not Working

Turn Off Monitor with ScreenSaver User Defined Turn Off Monitor System Tray Menu Automatically Turn Off Monitor with Monitor Controller