Move Mouse Across Dual Monitor Or Multiple Monitors

The Software Download Offered here can easily move mouse cursor across multiple monitors connected to a computer

Keyboard Shortcut to Move Mouse Cursor betwen Multiple Monitors

How to Move Mouse Across Multiple Monitors

Turn Off Monitor

Turn Multiple Monitors Off easily and much more. Click on Image below to view all features of the software download.

System Tray Icon Customized System Tray Menu Full Turn Off Monitor System Tray Menu System Tray Menu with user selected skin

Keyboard Shortcut

Click on the image below to find more information about the Keyboard Shortcut Software Utility.

Keyboard Shortcut Utility's Screenshot

Disable Secondary Monitors

Another Add On provided with Turn Off Monitor can Disable Secondary Monitors connected to a Computer. The Add On will not disable primary monitor connected to a computer.

Computer with Multiple Monitors Connected

Moving Mouse on a Computer with Multiple Monitors or Dual Monitors was never so easy and quick to setup. Download Software Now and automate mouse movement across computer screens. The Software Utility remembers last location of mouse cursor on a computer screen whenever you use the software utility to move mouse to the next monitor.

Download Software, and more