Auto LogOff When Computer Left inactive/idle

Auto LogOff XP, Vista or Windows 7 when left idle or inactive for configured time. Secure your windows computer to LogOff automatically when you are not around your Windows computer. Easy to configure idle duration for Auto LogOff.

Select Auto Log Off If Computer Idle from Turn Off Monitor System Tray Menu

Configure Auto LogOff if Computer left idle

The Auto LogOff feature comes integrated in Turn Off Monitor Software Utility. Download Free Trial of Turn Off Monitor Utility Now and configure your computer to Log Off automatically whenever computer is left idle or inactive for configured duration.

Auto LogOff Dialog Box

Given below Dialog box / Screen provides easy to configure Idle Minutes to automatically logoff signed on user.

Auto LogOff Dialog Box

Auto LogOff feature support

Remove Trial Time Limit of the software by registering your copy by paying in $5.00 only. The Auto Log Off feature will work on Windows 8, Windows 7 as well apart from other Windows operating systems such as XP, Vista, Windows 2000, etc.

You can write to in case you feel that the Auto Log Off feature would have been implemented in a better way, or you would wish to add another feature to the auto logoff functionality.

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