Quick Screen Monitor Software

This Screen Monitoring Software can help you to easily monitor screen changes. The Quick Screen Monitor Software can be used on a single or multiple monitor Windows computer. Monitor screen changes by detecting changes in color of a defined pixel easily.

Download Quick Screen Monitor Software

Download the Quick Screen Monitor Software for free now and give it a try. Once download is complete, run the setup and complete the installation. On Desktop you will find two shortcuts (provided you selected the option to create desktop shortcut during the software's installation). One shortcut on desktop will open the Quick Screen Monitor Software so that you can configure various options of the software and use it as and when required.

How to use Quick Screen Monitor Software

You can use the Quick Screen Monitor Software to monitor a given pixel color on your computer screen. The Pixel to be monitored can be defined by specifying X and Y co-ordinates of the screen.

Once you have defined the pixel on the screen to be monitored, you would need to specify an audio/ video file. This Audio or Video file can be of any file type which your Windows Media Player can play. This File will be played by the Quick Screen Monitor Software whenever screen changes (to be exact, the color of the pixel which was configured in the step above) are detected.

Main Screen of the Quick Screen Monitor Software

Once configured, click on Start Monitoring button or Start Monitoring & Hide to System Tray button on the main screen of the Quick Screen Monitor Software.

Now onwards whenever, the defined pixel color changes, the configured audio or video file will be played by the in built Windows Media Player. This can be really useful when you want an audible alert whenever a portion of screen changes due to popup message or some software displaying new data, etc.

In the Quick Screen Monitor Software you can also configure whether the audible alert should stop playing whenever you move mouse cursor or press any key on keyboard. Do have a look at the screenshot of the software to visualise of how the software is programmed to work and how you can put it to use.

The Quick Screen Monitor Software will work fine on 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows. Whether you are using Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or other Windows Operating System, this small software will work every time and will alert you of the color change of the pixel and in turn changes in your computer screen.

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