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Turn Off Monitor Utility Download

Download Turn Off Monitor Utility which can do much more than turning off laptop/desktop monitor. Download now, save power, create keyboard shortcuts and much more...

Monitor On Download

Download Monitor On Software Utility to Turn Monitor On when a window with defined title appears on the desktop.

Download Configurable Clock for Desktop

Download Configurable Desktop Clock to display date / time of your / other country time zone.

Easy Mouse Lock Utility Download

Download Easy Mouse Lock Utility to Lock Mouse Easily, which can be helpful when cleaning pc / laptop and other relative usage.

Download Block Website Utility

Download and block unwanted / unsafe websites on your computer. The Block website software utility can be used to Un-Block Website(s) as well. Download Now..

Easy Hide Window Software Download

Download Software Utility to hide selected window(s) from being displayed in Task-bar. Hide Window Utility can be used to perform actions when selected window closes.

Start ScreenSaver Utility Download

Download Start Screen Saver Utility to Start ScreenSaver using a Desktop Shortcut. No Need to wait for Windows to Start the ScreenSaver after configured duration. Download & Save Screen instantly.


View Software Utilities at Shutdown site, categorised by actions they can perform (e.g auto shutdown, create shutdown shortcut, shutdown timer, etc).

All Downloads above do not have any nagging reminder popups, so you can try the software utilities without worrying about popup / reminders. More downloads on the way...

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