More than 10 Windows Software Utilities

Given below are more than 10 software utilities for Windows Computers. Click on any of the software screenshot to know more about that particular software utility. All software applications do work on Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and even on Windows XP Operating System.

Turn Off Primary / Secondary / All Monitors

Turn Off Dual Monitors or Enable / Disable with customizable System Tray Complete Turn Off Monitor System Tray Menu with user selected skin Turn Off Monitor System Tray Icon Power Saver Software to Hibernate and Resume Windows Computer

Monitor Off whenever you need computer to be running for doing background tasks only such as Listening to Music,During Music Download,Downloading Songs,Listening to Online Songs, and much more in a small utility.

MurGee Screen Saver

Screenshot of MurGee Screen Saver Settings

MurGee Screen Saver Works on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 as any other Screen Saver. Screen Saver allows to save screen by turning screen / monitor off when screen saver gets activated. Other options available include computer shutdown, hibernate, lock workstation, and more.

Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock Main Screen on Windows Vista

Alarm Clock Works on Windows XP & Vista, supports snooze opeartion, supports playing of .wav file on alarm and much more

Shutdown Timer

Auto Shutdown pc Screen of Shutdown Timer Utility Download Shutdown Timer Computer Utility (Included in Computer Utilities Combo Pack) to Shutdown Computer after selectable number of minutes and more.

Easy Hide Window

Auto Shutdown pc Screen of Shutdown Timer Utility Download Easy Hide Window Computer Utility (Included in Computer Utilities Combo Pack) to Hide any of the visible window and much more.

Keyboard Shortcut

Keyboard Shortcut Utility's Screenshot

Mouse Lock

Mouse Lock Computer Utility (Included in Computer Utilities Combo Pack) to Lock Mouse whenever you want and more.

Mouse Lock Dialog Box

Easy ShutDown to schedule weekly/monthly/daily Computer Shutdown and much more

Main Screen of Easy ShutDown Application provides an easy way to auto shutdown and other actions Easy ShutDown PC Utility (Part of Computer Utilities Combo Pack) to automate many computer control features.

Auto Clicker

Get Mouse Cursor Software to Automate Mouse Clicking. Use Auto Clicker to continously and automatically click mouse cursor. Start / Stop Auto Clicker easily with a single shortcut key. Auto Clicker will allows to configure delay between mouse cursor clicks.

Block Website Utility

Block Website Utility's Main Screen Utility to block selected websites from being displayed on the computer (checked in internet explorer and firefox and should work for other browsers), included in computer utilities pack.

Mouse Click

Main Screen of Mouse Click Software Download Utility to move & click mouse at defined location using hotkey.

Monitor On Utility

Screenshot of Monitor On Utility

Configurable Desktop Clock

Screenshot of Clock Utility's Settings


Computer Shutdown Softwares site, decorated with screenshots, step by step guide, category of shutdown action, and more. Visit Shutdown link to get shutdown shortcut, command, and more.

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