Lock Mouse Cursor with Mouse Lock Utility

Use given below software utility to lock your mouse cursor within defined rectangle / area. Define upto two rectangles to limit the mouse cursor movements. Lock / Unlock Mouse Cursor with a simple key press within defined rectangle or close the Mouse Lock application to unlock mouse cursor and allow the mouse cursor to freely roam on your computer screen. You can even enter whole desktop width and height to limit the mouse cursor movement, which in turn can be helpful in a dual monitor computer setup avoiding mouse cursor movements to the other monitor / display. Free to try download of Mouse Lock utility allows to Lock Mouse Cursor upto 20 times.

Download Trial Version of Easy Mouse Lock utility now and try it for free on your Windows 11, Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 Computer.

Mouse Lock Software to Lock Mouse Cursor within a defined Screen Area

Lock Mouse On One Monitor

Lock / Unlock Mouse Cursor on any given Monitor with a Key Press on Keyboard with Dual Monitor Software. Press the configurable key on Keyboard to toggle the lock on the selected monitor and avoid moving the mouse cursor to other monitor in dual monitor computer setup.

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Please Write to support@rtsoftwares.com to submit Comment / Feedback or suggest a new feature in the Mouse Lock software utility and we will try our best to implement the new feature in the Mouse Lock utility.

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